Dental Treatment Fees

Plan membersNon Plan Members
ExaminationIncluded with Plan£65
Hygienist VisitsIncluded with Plan£65
Emergency VisitsIncluded with Planfrom £65
Simple Fillings20% Discount - from £98from £122.50
Fillings20% Discount - from £108from £135
Crown/Bridges/Veneers20% Discount - from £548from £685
Tooth Extractions20% Discount - from £120from £150
Surgical Extractions20% Discount - from £240from £300
Root Canal Treatment20% Discount - from £400from £500
Tooth Whitening£250from £395
Orthodontic Consultation£95from £95
Implant Consultation£95from £95
Composite Bonding Consultation£95from £95
Orthodonticsfrom £2250from £2250
Dental Implantsfrom £2600from £2600
Acrylic Dentures20% Discount - from £560from £700
Chrome Dentures20% Discount - from £960from £1200
Denture Repairs20% Discount - from £76from £95
Treatment Co-Ordinator ConsultationFreeFree

All patients on our practice plans MP1 and MP2 will receive a 20% discount from these list prices (excluding Dental Implants and Orthodontics)

All treatment plans are tailored to your individual needs and a full personal quotation will be provided for your information and approval before any treatment commences.

Caring, compassionate and highly qualified.

Caring, compassionate and highly qualified.

We strive to develop great relationships in Dinas Powys, and aim to keep the whole community smiling with great oral health care.

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